Victims are the most important component of every major crime. They are the ones whose lives are completely altered, forever changed, impacted more than anyone else who is involved.

Open the Box Podcast is a true crime podcast in which victims (or victims' family members) tell the story of the crime that was committed against them, how it has affected their lives, and how they have moved on.

Open the Box Podcast is hosted by Tracey Perger. Tracey's two young children were murdered in 1993 when her next door neighbor set her house on fire. When the case was cold for over six years the police suspected arson and reopened the investigation into the case. By then Tracey had moved on with her life and wasn't so sure she wanted the case reopened. She told the detective "I put all those feelings relating to the murder in a figurative box and put the box in a cabinet. Now you're not only asking me to open the cabinet, but to open the box and go through the contents God only knows how many times to God only knows how many different people. I don't know if I want to do that."

She decided to to open the box and in doing so began to realize that she hadn't healed before; she had buried it. It wasn't until she opened the box that healing really began. (Tracey's story is episode 1.)

Tracey's goal for this podcast is to help others open their boxes and let healing begin. She hopes to educate the public on true crime, the criminal justice system, court proceedings, etc from the victims' perspective. She wants to give victims the opportunity to tell their stories their way. She encourages all victims of crime to share their stories. If she can help one victim heal, it will all be worth it!

The artwork was chosen because "the box" isn't necessarily ugly. In fact, as it is where the memories of love and happiness are stored it is often a beautiful work of art in and of itself. It comes to represent the loved one who was murdered. Wood was selected  because it is beautiful, but also very durable. The key being inside the box symbolizes that opening the box is the key to healing. The clock depicts the fact that once the box is open healing takes time. The map under the box shows that there is a long journey ahead that is many times unpredictable.

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Our theme music was written by Alexander Nakarada. You may learn more about him and/or support his royalty-free music at his Patreon page.

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