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Ep 3 S Eddy & R Shoaf

This thread is for discussion on the Sheila Eddy and Rachel Shoaf (Skylar Neese) case.

Ep 2 Jamarion Lawhorn

This thread is for the discussion on the Jamarion Lawhorn case.

Ep 1 Cyntoia Brown

This thread is for discussion on the Cyntoia Brown case which we covered in Episode 1.

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  • What do you think about this case? Were the sentences fair? I struggled with posing questions on this case, so please share any and all thoughts.
  • Was Johnny Allen shot in cold blood? Or was Cyntoia defending herself from her perceived fear? Should she have done time? Was life the appropriate sentence? How do you feel about Governor Haslam granting clemency?
  • Was the blended sentence the best thing for everyone involved? Do you think CPS should have faced more consequences? If so, what would be appropriate? Do you feel that the murder was at least partially Anita and Bernard's fault? What do you think about the sentence that they received?
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