Tracey's Story - Myles and Jessica Crutcher

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Tracey Perger, host of Minor Murderers, was shoved into the criminal justice system when her two children were murdered in 1993. Prior to that, she had little knowledge of how it all works. After the murder of her children, she became thirsty for comprehension of the process, the laws, sentences, etc. She began writing a book about the murder of her kids as a novel before there was a conviction in 2005. She then rewrote it and released it in 2012. A friend approached her a few months later and said that she had a friend who would like a book written about his brother's murder. When Your Back is Turned was released in 2014 and Tracey appeared on Snapped (s 13, ep 13) regarding that case. After watching true crime shows for years she was turned on to podcasts in early 2016. Her passion for true crime was growing but she didn't want to write any more books. In the summer of 2018 she began a podcast called Open the Box to help victims tell their stories. Unfortunately, things didn't work out so she decided to pursue her other budding passion, stories about children who kill. In 2016, when she heard a few cases of children who kill she was moved to do something. She researched some cases and even spoke to an employee of Jupiter Entertainment (the company who produces Snapped). They encouraged her to pitch the idea, but life happened and Tracey got distracted. When Open the Box hit a brick wall, she decided it was now time to pursue Minor Murderers as a podcast.

Myles and Jessica Crutcher were just three and two years old respectively when their next door neighbor, Billy, set their house on fire. He was trying to killing them as well as their mother. To his dismay, their mother, Tracey Perger, didn't die. He tried to cover his crime while keeping Tracey close by to monitor the situation. Four months later, when Tracey began to figure out what really happened on September 30, 1993, he tried to murder her again! She fled and contacted police. Unfortunately, the police didn't believe it was arson and told Tracey that if she could find more evidence to let them know and they refused to investigate it.

Frustrated and confused Tracey felt she had no choice but to give up and go on with her life. Six years later, out of the blue, she received a phone call from a domestic violence detective who wanted to talk to her about the case. Billy had set another fire and it sparked interest in my case. After a three and a half year long investigation, Billy was finally arrested.

Eight months after his arrest, Billy became the first person to successfully escape from the Criminal Justice Center (local jail). Tracey and her surviving children were put into protective custody until he was apprehended thirty-six hours after the escape. Eleven and a half years after the fire, the case finally went to court. It was in the courtroom that Tracey first learned of the real motive for the murder.

Tune in to episode 1, which will be released on July 30, for the entire story. Visit our Patreon page for exclusive information and photos.

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