Ep 2 Jamarion Lawhorn

Jamarion Lawhorn, age 12, Michigan's youngest killer.

Jamarion was 12 years old when he decided he was fed up with life and wanted to end it all. Unlike most who want to end their lives, Jamarion chose an unconventional method. He decided the best way to kill himself was to stab another child on the playground and let the police have their way with him "like on the movies".

Michael "Connor" Verkerke, age 9, was playing in his yard with his little brother, Cameron, age 7, and an unidentified friend. A kid they had never met before approached them and asked if they wanted to go to the playground. They agreed. After playing together for about twenty minutes, Jamarion dug up the knife that he had previously buried in the sand and attacked Connor. He stabbed him five times in the back and once in the arm and then he threw the knife in the grass and ran off.

Michael "Connor" Verkerke, age 9. Jamarion's victim.

Connor was a happy child who loved to make others laugh.

The full story can be heard on Ep 2 of Minor Murderers: Children Who Kill. You can listen here.

What do you think?

Was the blended sentence the best thing for everyone involved? Do you think CPS should have faced more consequences? If so, what would be appropriate? Do you feel that the murder was at least partially Anita and Bernard's fault? What do you think about the sentence that they received?

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